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  • 180,000 Fatalities worldwide

    Up 67,000 on 2013
  • 42 Active Conflicts

    Up 1 on 2014
  • 12,181,000 Refugees

    Up 2.8m on 2013
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    01 September 2015

    Slow progress in Yemen despite military victories

    With anti-Houthi Popular Resistance forces largely controlling four key governorates of Yemen and further gains in new strategic locations, it would appear progress is being made in resolving the conflict. However, military advances are being hampered by the resurgence of...

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    21 August 2015

    Mullah Omar’s death and the Afghan peace process

    Following confirmation of the death of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, reports quickly emerged of infighting among the Taliban leadership. Although Omar's replacement Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour is thought to be in favour of peace talks with Kabul, it now...

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    14 August 2015

    India signs historic peace accord with Naga insurgents

    The new framework agreement signed by the Indian government and the NSCN–IM could end a 60-year long conflict, the roots of which date back to the British Raj era. However, signatories described it as a ‘broader framework of intent’, rather...

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    07 August 2015

    The end of the Turkey–PKK peace process?

    Following the suicide bombing in the Turkish town of Suruc on 20 July, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to crack down on ISIS. However, it was actually the conflict with the PKK that subsequently escalated. Observers have commented that Turkey’s...