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  • 175,881 Fatalities worldwide

    Up 62,975 on 2013
  • 41 Active Conflicts

    Down 9 on 2013
  • 26,739,500 IDPs

    Up 0.9m on 2012
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    15 January 2015

    The Tenuous Ceasefire in Ukraine

    Although negotiations in Minsk resulted in a tentative ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, a comprehensive settlement of the key issues has not yet been reached between Kyiv and the separatists, and fighting has re-escalated in 2015. 

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    10 December 2014

    Hebatalla Taha: The ISIS Effect

    The group’s control of a vast swathe of territory, oil income and media savvy have made it a ‘brand’ that other jihadists from Egypt to Indonesia want to emulate and be associated with.

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    13 November 2014

    Burkina Faso: a warning for Africa’s strongmen

    Will a popular uprising in a relatively stable nation force other African leaders to rethink plans to extend their time in power?

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    05 November 2014

    Mexico disappearances expose corruption undermining anti-drugs fight

    The disappearance of 43 student teachers in the town of Iguala proves that, having restructured federal security agencies in its war against drug cartels, Mexico must now reform local agencies and police