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  • 112,906 Fatalities worldwide

    Up 3,687 on 2012
  • 41 Active Conflicts

    Down 9 on 2013
  • 26,739,500 IDPs

    Up 0.9m on 2012
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    29 October 2014

    The narrow road to stability in Mali’s north

    As talks continue to falter with Tuareg rebels behind the 2012 coup in the north, Malians describe to the IISS how poverty, corruption and now Ebola are other obstacles on the road to peace

  • News
    23 October 2014

    Kobane’s reprieve?

    For the first 20 days, coalition air-strikes in Syria failed to halt the advance by ISIS jihadists on the town of Kobane. But the operation did buy time for diplomacy and a shift in strategy to loosen the militants' grip

  • News
    21 October 2014

    A reality check on the Boko Haram truce

    Continuing attacks, a lack of specific detail and silence from leader Abubakar Shekau mean that reports of a Boko Haram ceasefire may be premature

  • News
    16 October 2014

    A rogue Libyan general’s odd campaign

    Who is Khalifa Haftar, the former army general who has vowed to rid Libya of Islamists – and have his military operations against them helped or merely plunged the country into further chaos?