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  • 112,906 Fatalities worldwide

    Up 3,687 on 2012
  • 41 Active Conflicts

    Down 9 on 2013
  • 26,739,500 IDPs

    Up 0.9m on 2012
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The Armed Conflict Database gives you an in-depth look on facts and statistics about conflicts worldwide.

Latest news

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    23 September 2014

    Al-Shabaab under pressure

    Al-Shabaab is on the defensive after the death of its leader Ahmed Abdi Godane in a US drone strike, but it is unclear exactly how much it has been weakened. 

  • News
    08 August 2014

    Israel/Palestine: End of the ‘quiet for quiet’

    Two weeks after Israel's ground invasion of Gaza, the death toll has skyrocketed. While neither party benefits from a protracted war, neither wants to provide the other with the appearance of a victory in the case of a ceasefire agreement.

  • News
    03 March 2014

    Crisis in Ukraine

    After Russia’s military intervention in Crimea, an armed confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is edging closer. According to US military sources, Russian forces are now in complete operational control of the peninsula.

  • News
    23 December 2013

    South Sudan: fragile and divided

    South Sudan, already struggling with inter-communal violence, weak governance and tensions with north Sudan, is now in serious crisis as an internal power struggle in the ruling South Sudan People's Liberation Movement has lead to an armed uprising against President Salva...