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  • 175,881 Fatalities worldwide

    Up 62,975 on 2013
  • 41 Active Conflicts

    Down 9 on 2013
  • 26,739,500 IDPs

    Up 0.9m on 2012
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    26 May 2015

    Central African Republic – peace at last?

    Rebel groups have signed a peace agreement in Bangui, Central African Republic’s capital, following two years of brutal violence. There are high hopes that the agreement will herald a new dawn in CAR, but many obstacles still stand in the...

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    20 May 2015

    Insecurity in the Sinai Peninsula

    North Sinai has been the site of escalating security operations for several months. Armed groups have expanded their capacity and despite the state’s efforts to contain it, the chronic insecurity of North Sinai has spilled over to the rest of the...

  • News
    08 May 2015

    The tide turns against Boko Haram

    Nigerian government forces have gained considerable ground against Boko Haram since January 2015, with 700 girls and women rescued from the Sambisa nature reserve in early May. The most important question is whether Nigerian forces will be able to keep the...

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    20 April 2015

    Criminal ambushes in Jalisco - a hyper-violent wave of cartel brutality

    A display of heightened military prowess and boldness from criminal groups has shocked Mexicans in recent weeks. A series of well-organised ambushes in western Jalisco state has left 28 dead, most of them police officers.