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  • 180,000 Fatalities worldwide

    Up 67,000 on 2013
  • 42 Active Conflicts

    Up 1 on 2014
  • 12,181,000 Refugees

    Up 2.8m on 2013
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The Armed Conflict Database offers statistics and detailed coverage of conflicts worldwide.

Latest ACD Insights

  • ACD Insight
    18 January 2016

    Further hurdles on South Sudan’s fragile path to peace

    Despite the peace deal signed in August 2015, violence continues in South Sudan, and President Salva Kiir’s recent decision to increase the number of states in the country threatens the implementation of the agreement

  • ACD Insight
    08 January 2016

    Kurdish complications in Iraq and Syria

    Kurdish–Arab frictions are at an all-time high in Syria, and the fight against ISIS in Iraq has exacerbated competition between rival Kurdish factions. These tensions have recently sparked outright conflict and can threaten potential political settlements.

  • ACD Insight
    18 December 2015

    Sinai plane crash: far-reaching consequences for Egypt

    ISIS-affiliated group Sinai Province claimed responsibility for downing the Russian jet that crashed on 31 October. The incident highlighted a failure on the part of the Egyptian security services to contain the group’s activities, but also has severe implications for Egypt’s...

  • ACD Insight
    04 December 2015

    Beyond Operation Zarb-e-Azb in northwest Pakistan

    Pakistani ground forces began their assault into the Shawal Valley, the final substantial militant stronghold in North Waziristan, in August. Shawal represents an endgame of sorts for Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the large-scale offensive to clear the region of militants. It has...