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  • 175,881 Fatalities worldwide

    Up 62,975 on 2013
  • 41 Active Conflicts

    Down 9 on 2013
  • 26,739,500 IDPs

    Up 0.9m on 2012
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    14 April 2015

    The power struggle in Yemen and its paradoxical alliances

    A full-blown civil war erupted in Yemen when the Houthis marched to Aden on 22 March, sparking confrontations with southern militias. The war is essentially a power struggle between the Houthis, allied with former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and President Abd...

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    30 March 2015

    Colombia focuses on post-conflict challenges as FARC conflict de-escalates

    Two significant announcements were made in March related to the de-escalation of the conflict with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Many in Colombia believe these are the first steps towards the end of the conflict waged by the...

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    24 March 2015

    African insurgent groups look to ISIS as they face increasing pressure

    Two of the most significant African insurgent groups – Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabaab in Somalia – are looking to ISIS, possibly to gain momentum as both face the increased pressure of successful military operations against them. 

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    06 March 2015

    Colombia and the Philippines: common challenges to peace

    The peace processes in Colombia and the Philippines have similarities that allow for cross-learning between the two countries. The two cases highlight the risks of holding peace talks amid ongoing and complex conflicts involving non-state actors.