The International Institute for Strategic Studies owes no allegiance to any government, group of governments, or any political or other organisation. Its assessments are its own, based on the material available to it from a wide variety of sources. Care is taken to ensure that these are as accurate and free from bias as possible.

The Institute owes a considerable debt to a number of its own members, consultants and all those who helped compile and check material. The Director and staff of the Institute assume full responsibility for the data and judgements in this Database. Comments and suggestions on the data presented are welcomed. Suggestions on the style and method of presentation are also much appreciated. Readers may use data from the Armed Conflict Database without applying for permission from the Institute on condition that the IISS and the Armed Conflict Database are cited as the source in any published work. However, applications to reproduce portions of text, complete conflict reports or complete tables from the Armed Conflict Database must be referred to the Institute.