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The Armed Conflict Database contains statistical data, analytical reports and daily timeline updates on the political, military and humanitarian developments in 41 active and 47 archived conflicts, as well as information on selected non-state armed groups and a compilation of annual trends in the ACD Index.

In addition, ACD Insight articles provide indepth analysis of selected themes and trends relating to conflicts currently monitored in the ACD, as well as of potential conflict spots. 

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Each conflict in the ACD consists of a conflict summary, historical background, monthly or quarterly reports on political, military and humanitarian developments dating as far back as 2001 when applicable, and daily timelines.

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Statistics are available from 1997 onwards, when applicable, and cover fatalities, refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Reports can be generated both over time and across regions. 

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Selected non-state armed groups can be found by region. Information given relates to group’s name, its estimated strength, area of operation, and key objectives.

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Timelines are updated weekly, reports on either a monthly or a quarterly basis, and annual reports are published each February.

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