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  • 180,000 Fatalities worldwide

    Up 67,000 on 2013
  • 42 Active Conflicts

    Up 1 on 2014
  • 12,181,000 Refugees

    Up 2.8m on 2013
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The Armed Conflict Database offers statistics and detailed coverage of conflicts worldwide.

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    09 October 2015

    The brief conquest of Kunduz

    The fall of Kunduz at the end of September was a huge propaganda victory for the Taliban, despite the short period of time it held the city. The incident raised questions about the performance of Afghan forces and strengthened the...

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    21 September 2015

    Perilous escape routes from Iraq’s multiple battlefields

    The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq currently stands at around 3.2 million. Conditions for those fleeing ISIS-controlled areas are becoming increasingly dire, as the Iraqi government seeks to restrict their entry into Baghdad, and ISIS cracks down...

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    10 September 2015

    Peace deal signed in South Sudan

    South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has signed a much-anticipated peace agreement with his rival and rebel leader Riek Machar, but many questions remain as to whether the agreement will end the country’s 20-month civil war. 

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    01 September 2015

    Slow progress in Yemen despite military victories

    With anti-Houthi Popular Resistance forces largely controlling four key governorates of Yemen and further gains in new strategic locations, it would appear progress is being made in resolving the conflict. However, military advances are being hampered by the resurgence of...