Russia (Republics of Ingushetia / North Ossetia)


Conflict Summary

In the early 1990s, a territorial dispute broke out between North Ossetians and Ingush over the Prigorodny Oblast – a region located around the North Ossetian capital Vladikavkaz which borders Ingushetia. The Ingush, a group of internally displaced persons resettled under Stalin, have demanded to be allowed to return to the oblast and have also demanded that it be reattached to Ingushetia. The Ossets have resisted these demands and ethnic unrest led to Ingush separatists seizing part of the oblast in late 1992. Russian peacekeepers were deployed to the region and their mediation has prevented mass violence. Although some 13,000 internally displaced persons have returned to the oblast, the resolution of the dispute chiefly depends on Moscow’s role in finding a solution to the future of oblast. In recent years, violence in both republics has taken on a criminal and separatist character, as anti-Russian sentiment has grown, partly in response to Moscow’s handling of the Prigorodny Oblast issue.